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This is also known as 10Base2, uses coaxial of thinner gauge of 5 mm in diameter and bus topology as in the case of 10Base5 so that multiple computers can be connected to a single transmission line. Primarily it was used in office environments. The thinner cable is less costly to acquire and deploy, although its performance is less in terms of transmission distance. Because of its cost it is sometimes called as cheapnet. 10Base2 signifies in the same manner as 10Bases5 except 2 is signified here as 200 meters maximum segment length (actually 185 meters).

                        10Base2 Hardware Configuration

A BNC (Bayonet Neil Connector) or a T-connector is used to connect a cable and terminals or terminators. Note also that the NIC for 10Base2 can be connected directly to a T-connector because this NIC has a built-in transceiver. Only up to 30 nodes per segment can be connected. The minimum allowable distance is 0.5 meter between consecutive connections.

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